Hussey Seating Company

Hussey Seating Company – Premiere Gymnasium
Branding Solution

Hussey Seating Company were looking to create a unique, permanent branding method for their MAXAM telescopic gym bleachers as a value-add for College and High School gymnasium fit-outs. They knew that vinyl decals would not provide the durability required in these environments, and had researched a number of solutions for permanently bonding artwork to HDPE. The next challenge was creating or replicating the team logo or motif whereby each seat front formed part of one large piece of artwork.

The Solution


Director Chris Robinson states, ‘PSI Brand were able to assist and provide POSTMOULD samples and further develop their existing construction to a point where the graphics formed well onto the plastic seats and stood up to the harsh tests and jubilant audiences that this product demands. Each graphic is essentially a one-off i.e. is required on no more than one or two banks of seats so by way of utilising both digital and screen-print technology, PSI Brand’s unique production method provided the best solution for large-scale branding at the most efficient cost for Hussey Seating Company.’

PSI Brand have been superb partners in helping us develop and commercialize an entirely new concept in gymnasium customization. Their product and moulding expertise were critical to helping us fine-tune the solution for this application, and their reliability, dependability and commitment to customer service once we launched the product have been one of the keys to our success in establishing this as the premiere gymnasium branding solution for the North American education market. We feel fortunate to have PSI Brands as a committed partner in our success.

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