Kiel Industries

How Kiel Industries added WOW to their product

For Hunter Richardson, Manager of Kiel Industries, the choice was simple when he was called upon to roto mould an impressive point-of-sale product for global food giant NESTLE.

Founded in 1989 by the Kiel family and based in Morwell in Victoria Australia, Kiel Industries has become known as the ‘short-run specialist’ and prominent leader in the global rotational moulding industry.

NESTLE’s concept was to create a giant tin of its favourite chocolate drink, MILO, and with only a short time frame, Kiel Industries needed to be innovative to keep the product simple yet effective.


Why PSI Brand INMOULD Graphics

“We knew PSI Brand offered the capacity to produce photo-quality graphics so we made contact immediately. By utilizing their user-friendly IN MOULD graphics we were able to produce the product on time and the end result was a great product for a delighted customer. I can honestly say this graphic system enabled us to answer a call and deliver an impressive outcome,” Hunter says.