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LANDQUIP goes global with confidence

Today, we spotlight Landquip; one of the key players in NZ Agricultural manufacturing. Founded in 1982, Landquip started off as a small-town agricultural engineering company, with only a couple of products. But as the business has grown, so has their brand recognition. Landquip recently leapt into the global market with their innovative sheep handling system, Porta-Yard™. To help Landquip uphold a strong brand presence as they improved farming practices across the world, the PSI Brand team delivered another innovative solution to ensure Landquip had “branding for keeps, easy!” 

The Brand Problem

Landquip’s Porta-Yard™ traditionally featured timber sides, but the weight and maintenance involved hindered their global ambitions. Desiring a lighter and more practical alternative, Landquip opted for rigid HDPE plastic sheets from Proform Plastics. These proved highly popular with customers, with the stippled plastic having reduced stickability, meaning less mud and grime, as well as being easy to wash down and extremely hard wearing in the rough farm environment. However, they discovered a roadblock—the traditional methods of painting or coating their brand would no longer adhere to a bumpy plastic surface, leaving Landquip in a branding dilemma. 

The Brand Solution

Tom from Landquip says “Branding was very important to us”, so determined to maintain brand consistency and honour the name they had built up over three generations, Landquip turned to PSI Brand. We couldn’t have been more excited to provide Landquip with a custom branding solution. After some networking, we offered Landquip our high-quality and easy-to-use POSTMOULD heat-transfer graphics. 

It quickly became evident that POSTMOULD graphics were the perfect solution to Landquip’s branding problem. This cutting-edge technology allowed the application of high-quality branding graphics to the heated plastic during assembly, permanently marking the Landquip name to their hand-crafted Porta-Yard™.


This gave their team peace of mind that their brand and heritage would remain vibrant and prominent as it travelled the world. Tom himself says that now “everyone recognises the [Landquip] brand”. 

With the POSTMOULD process being as easy as Heat, Stick & Peel, it significantly reduced downtime, enabling Landquip to quickly move their Porta-Yard™ from the workshop to a global market. This streamlined system provided by PSI Brand saved Landquip time and gave them the confidence to share their products, and brand, with the world. 


 “Branding was very important to us” Tom emphasizes, “PSI Brand came up with a solution and everyone recognises our brand”, he goes onto state the pay-off, “I did have my doubts. But PSI Brand came up with a solution and have been a great company to deal with”

How to Get Your Branding Started

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