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Tuff Plastic Moulders x Skyline

Imagine millions of daredevil luge riders hurtling down hills at seven breathtaking international locations, sitting on top of Skyline’s New Zealand designed three-wheeled luges adorned with PSI Brand graphics. In this brand study we dive into how these New Zealand brands: Tuff Plastic and Skyline Luge come together to make the magic happen!

The Brand Challenge

Dive headfirst into the wild world of luge with Skyline, where adventure reigns supreme and nostalgia takes the wheel. It all began with a rider’s daring dream – a dream of crafting something truly extraordinary. Battling through setbacks and transforming mishaps into milestones, they birthed the ultimate luge cart. This cart wasn’t just a ride; it was a guarantee of non-stop fun and endless excitement. Today, it’s a source of joy for millions who’ve rediscovered the timeless magic of luge at Skyline’s numerous international hotspots.

But here’s the kicker: How exactly are these luges given their unique identity? And what’s the secret recipe to ensure these carts, built to endure both wild rider antics and the skilled hands of chairlift operators, carry branding that stands the test of time?

The Brand Solution

Knowing that PSI Brand specialised in high quality graphics with abrasion resistance even in the harshest conditions, it’s been a pleasure to work with Tuff Plastic on developing the luge branding and making sure that Skyline’s brand is front and centre for every rider to see and are designed to be durable – these visuals must defy scorching sun, impromptu rain showers, and the spirited chaos of relentless use.


Why use INMOULD Graphics for Branding?

PSI Brand’s INMOULD graphics are a brilliant way to create decals for plastic guards and other rotationally moulded parts that are subject to harsh and abrasive conditions, due to their robust yet flexible construction and long-lasting finish. They offer a high level of durability and are suitable for virtually any environment – plus, thanks to the innovative peel and stick application method, they’re incredibly easy to use!

How to get your Branding started

If you want to take your branding to the highest level and deliver a true brand experience on a global stage, let’s talk!

As a rotomoulder, If you’re interested in learning more about PSI Brand’s revolutionary mould-in graphics for rotomoulded parts, take a look at our online training portal. Our training resources will help you develop the ability to brand plastics with confidence through a professionally developed, three step certification process. To get started, register for free on our website.


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