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Snyder Industries

Seaside to Supermarket: Snyder Industries

When two industry leaders collaborate, great things happen!

That’s exactly what occurred when Snyder Industries and PSI Brand teamed up to create an innovative branding solution for their client, Norton Sound Seafood Products, based in Alaska.

The Brand Problem

The task at hand was to create and apply photo quality graphics to a range of PB1000 Insulated Fishing Box products, which would be used to keep freshly caught fish cold until they were processed into salmon fillets. This meant that the fish bins would be exposed to extreme climates, and the graphics would need to be highly resistant to harsh conditions.

The Brand Solution

Snyder turned to the team at PSI Brand, who’s revolutionary POSTMOULD graphic system was up to the challenge! This innovative technology has been specifically designed to withstand even the harshest environments, making it the perfect solution for the project at hand. With the help of PSI Brand’s advanced graphic technology, the client’s requested logo was displayed in sharp, vibrant colours that were achieved through half tones.

PSI Brand’s collaboration with Snyder Industries was a resounding success, resulting in a high-quality and durable branding solution for Norton Sound Seafood. This client is a testament to the superior quality of PSI Brand’s work, and our confidence to tackle any permanent plastic branding project that requires graphics for extreme conditions.

We want you to know that for any project, PSI Brand has got you covered with graphics that will stay branded for keeps – even in the toughest environments. We are eager to hear from you and take on your next branding challenge!


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