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Viking Kayaks Brand Study

The Brand Problem

Just as their brand name suggests, Viking Kayaks are renowned for their toughness and durability, with exceptional performance in the great outdoors. At Viking they believe that every feature of their kayaks must have a purpose for users, while also looking great. Proud of their brand, and of their product, Viking chose to combine the two in the form of adding strong branding to their kayaks, but were presented with a problem, nothing sticks to plastic.  

Secondly, designed for outdoor conditions, these kayaks, and their branding graphics, would be exposed to the harshest of environments; high UV exposure with a daytime index often exceeding 11 in peak summer, salt water, and sand-rash typical in New Zealand oceans.  

Another problem Viking Kayaks faced was the difficulty of other graphic application systems; they had long lead times, were tricky to apply and ended up fading or disintegrating, devaluing the Viking products and brand, and causing trouble from procurement right through to final production.  

The Brand Solution

So, wanting to honour the qualities of a true Viking, they turned to PSI Brand for their brand solution. Being enthusiastic outdoor explorers ourselves, we were excited to get onboard with Viking and give their team, and the kayak “fishos”, that feeling of “wow this is awesome” when using the branded kayaks. PSI Brand offered Viking small runs and short lead times without an inflated price tag, giving Viking flexibility and freedom with their designs. We also provided really robust and smart graphics, leading to reduced production losses, greater efficiency and kayaks that looked brilliant on every expedition. PSI Brand helped Viking honour their namesake, to ensure they are known everywhere they go, and stand out from the rest as strong and unbeatable. 

Viking Kayaks Testimonial

“Super easy to order, everything turn up on time and to spec, easy to apply and they last fantastic”

How to Get Your Branding Started

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