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Waterstore – Track & Trace Trial Proves Successful in Australia

PSI Brand suggested Mick Sullivan of Australian based Waterstore Poly Tanks trial their INMOULD graphics for their branding, barcoding and serial numbering. The objective was to improve the quality of the graphics and to make the application even easier since they had used PSI Brand’s POSTMOULD graphics since 2008.

Delighted, Mick said, “the trial was a success, so we’ll switch to INMOULD Graphics from now on“. Instead of applying the graphics after the product has been moulded, the graphics are now applied at the time of moulding. This has proved to be the best solution for Waterstore Poly Tanks to brand their products and apply valuable information for accurate tracking and traceability of every product.


Due to the outstanding quality and durability of the graphics, Mick is also confident that the logo and contact details will continue to provide a source of contact for new and existing customers in years to come, even in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Traditionally, important information has been applied using methods such as self-adhesive decals, hot-stamping or scribing which are all time consuming to apply and prone to wearing, scraping or falling off over time. The quality and ink brilliance of PSI Brand’s INMOULD Graphics ensures that vital information such as hazard warnings, instructions, traceable numbering and brand remain embedded in the product for its full life span.