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POSTMOULD Graphic Application – Type 3

Searching for a durable, vibrant and long-lasting branding solution that can be applied quickly and easily to existing rotomoulded parts? PSI Brand’s POSTMOULD graphic system is the answer.


Are there options for mould-on graphics to be applied post-mould?

PSI Brand POSTMOULD graphics for rotomoulded products are designed especially for permanently decorating plastic moulded products. They’re an ideal option for applying branding, barcodes, numbering or any other design to existing plastic parts. Common uses include stock products, large water tanks or other large parts where in-mould graphics are not a suitable option.

Our POSTMOULD graphics feature strong, vibrant colours, and are designed to endure the lifetime of your product, even in the harshest of conditions. They feature extreme resistance to chemicals, abrasion, UV and prolonged outdoor exposure.


Are there heat-transfer graphics for rotational moulding?

Supplied on a clear transfer sheet, PSI Brand POSTMOULD graphics are applied to rotationally moulded products using a heat and burnishing process to transfer and fully embed your graphic into the surface of the product, ensuring longevity and ease of use. They can be applied to products straight after de-moulding, or to products that have been rotomoulded days, weeks or even months prior.


What is the application process for post decoration graphics?

Below is the application process for the PSI Brand POSTMOULD graphic system.

Tools required:

– A propane gas torch with wide flame adaption, used to heat the plastic surface area before and after application. A smaller torch may be used for the application of graphics smaller than A4 size

– An infrared thermometer to ensure that the plastic surface is the correct temperature for application. With time and practice you will know this by sight.

– A PSI Brand air-burnishing tool and burnishing pad used to transfer and fully embed the graphic into the plastic surface.


– Peel off the white protective sheet from your graphic to expose the adhesive surface, which is then applied to the plastic part. The front of the graphic can then be viewed through the transfer sheet, allowing us to align it onto the product correctly.

– Do not apply any additional adhesive to either the graphic or the product, as these graphics are precoated with a heat-activated adhesive to assist with the graphic transfer.

– Ensure that the product surface is free from dust and mould release agents.

Application Process:

Step 1
Heat the plastic surface area using brush-style strokes back and forth over the plastic to ensure even heating. The ideal temperature is 70 – 100°C (158 – 212°F) – at this point, the surface should start to appear glossy and oxidised.

Step 2 
Carefully apply the graphic by positioning it on the product using the transfer sheet, and then placing the backside of the graphic against the hot plastic surface. If the graphic is positioned incorrectly, scrape off and reapply.

Using the edge of your burnishing pad, squeegee over the transfer sheet and graphic to remove any air bubbles trapped between the graphic and the part surface.

Step 3
Place the burnishing pad into the adapter, and use the burnishing tool to burnish firmly over the transfer sheet and graphic until the transfer is noticeable. Follow the same process if done manually by hand

Step 4
Remove the transfer sheet once the graphic transfer noticeable.

Step 5
Using the same flaming method as step one, apply heat over the graphic and surrounding plastic to fully embed the graphic into the surface and complete the application process.

It is safe to flame the graphic until you notice the edges ‘sink’ into the plastic surface.
Please allow 12-24 hours from application for the plastic to fully cool and regain its memory, before performing any resistance tests.

Your POSTMOULD graphic is now permanently moulded onto your plastic part, which will stand up to almost anything you can throw at it. It offers extreme resistance to UV rays, harsh outdoor environments, chemicals, surface abrasion and other demanding end-user applications.

Training your operators to post-mould graphics with PSI Brand

For further tips on the application of our POSTMOULD graphic system, we have a series of detailed application videos available on our website.

For larger than A4 (300x200mm) size graphics please see our dedicated page for more tips and tricks.

We’ve also launched an online training portal where you and your team of plastic crafters can learn all about our revolutionary graphic solutions and develop the ability to brand plastics with confidence through our professionally developed, three-step training process. To get started, register for free today and start your journey towards becoming PSI Certified.

If you have any questions about our Type 3 POSTMOULD graphics for injection moulded parts, or would like to request a free quote, feel free to contact us and one of our plastic branding experts will be happy to assist.

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