These terms & conditions apply to every supply by Polymer Systems International Ltd (PSI)

Includes trading entities: PSI Brand, Castle and DairyFlo

Definitions: ‘The purchaser’ means the person or persons, whether corporate or incorporate, who have or who has requested supply of the goods and includes their respective executives, administrators and assigns.


Delivery: Every reasonable effort will be made to deliver the goods on time to the place The Purchaser requests. If the Purchaser does not request any particular place, we will deliver them to the Purchaser’s premises. Goods not available at the time of despatch, will be placed on backorder, and be sent as soon as they are available for delivery. No liability can be accepted by Polymer Systems International Ltd (P.S.I.) for delay of delivery or non-delivery.

Please Note: Due to the unique print process utilised by PSI, we allow ±10% overruns, which will be sent as extras. If in the event of a shortfall, the finished dispatch quantity may vary by up to ≤3% to maintain QC and lead time standards.


Prices: Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice and are quoted exclusive of GST. Prices prevailing at the time of delivery apply.


Payment: (i) Accounts are net unless otherwise stated, and the trading terms are strictly full payment prior to dispatch of goods.

These are our standard starting terms, and P.S.I. is willing to review these after 12 months of trade.


Payment: (ii) Accounts are net unless otherwise stated, and the trading terms are strictly net payable on the 20th day of the month, following the date of invoice provided. Unless credit has been approved full payment must accompany all orders. Interest may be charged on overdue accounts at the end of each calendar month at a rate to be determined by P.S.I.


Examination of Goods: The Customer is responsible for immediate examination of the product upon delivery and any deficiency of and or damage thereof must be reported to P.S.I. in writing within 7 days of delivery. Otherwise no claim for such damage or deficiency shall be considered.


Ownership: Ownership of the property in goods supplied to The Purchaser by P.S.I. shall remain vested with P.S.I. until payment has been made in full. If default is made by The Purchaser in payment then Polymer Systems has the right at its absolute discretion, without your further permission and without further notice, to enter from time to time upon the premises in which such goods are located, to inspect and remove all such goods which are still owned by P.S.I. Polymer Systems reserves the right to dispose of such goods upon terms and conditions as Polymer Systems sees fit.

Equipment Warranty: All goods are covered for faults due to component failure or faulty workmanship. The Warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear, abuse or unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect, theft, vandalism, fire or other peril and damage caused by installation error, modification or repairs not made or authorised by P.S.I. Warranty period is 12 months from date of invoice. All costs for freight, removal of and or reinstallation of the equipment will be fully met by The Purchaser.


Returns: No product may be returned to P.S.I. without the prior approval and the P.S.I. returns docket number. Goods are not subject to return except as provided in these Terms and Conditions or the Consumer Guarantees Act (where applicable) or as otherwise agreed in writing. Goods that are supplied in error are returnable for replacement, or credit provided P.S.I. is notified within seven (7) days of the packing slip/invoice date. The date and number of the original packing slip/invoice must accompany the goods returned. Defective items will be replaced or if a replacement is unavailable, credit in full will be provided, providing the items are returned in an acceptable condition to P.S.I. in seven (7) days. Goods returned from overseas must include all relevant Customer documentation, failure to do so could result in lengthy and costly delays. All freight and other related costs will be met by The Purchaser unless otherwise agreed in writing by P.S.I.


Breach: In the event of any account outstanding for more than thirty (30) days P.S.I. may, at its discretion place the account due in the hands of a debt collection agency. All costs incurred in the collection of the account due, will be added to the original amount owed, as well as interest due.


Waiver: Polymer Systems shall not be deemed to waive conditions hereof unless it has done so in writing, signed by a director of P.S.I. Polymer Systems rights, powers and remedies remain in force notwithstanding any forbearance of delay on its part.


Contract: These Terms & Conditions express the agreement of P.S.I. and The Purchaser on the matters recorded and shall not be subject to change without agreement in writing of P.S.I. and The Purchaser. These terms remain maximum effect. If any part of these terms or the contract is found to be illegal, invalid or legally unenforceable, P.S.I. and The Purchaser agree that those parts will be deleted from the terms as if they had never been agreed. If this happens P.S.I. and the Purchaser agree to do anything which is reasonable and necessary to carry out these terms as originally intended. Polymer Systems and the purchaser agree that the contract will be amended if it is necessary to carry out this clause.


Consumer Guarantees Act: The Purchaser acknowledges that where the goods are supplied under this agreement and are required for business purposes. The Consumer Guarantees act shall not apply. The Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply to any overseas supply of goods.


Privacy Act Disclosure Authority: By obtaining goods on credit The Purchaser authorises P.S.I. to provide a third person upon that persons request such information which P.S.I. holds regarding The Purchasers payment record, credit standing or other relevant information held by P.S.I. Polymer Systems acknowledges that The Purchaser has the right to request disclosure of any information which P.S.I. holds about The Purchaser at any time.